Wednesday, April 29, 2009


What may, from the outside, seem to be a simple piece of art or structure, nature or even human being in essence has so many multifaceted layers with which there are so many ways to read or look at it, giving that object a fourth dimension. A dimension beyond our reality. As if the world around us, whether natural or man-made has a soul which is built up everyday.

This while seemingly beyond belief is present in our everyday lives whether we choose to see it or not.

While you may put something or someone in a situation, or a place, in which they are confined; a child to a room, a picture to a frame, it essentially means very little to the layers of the child or picture. Take it out of the area and you have a whole new person, a whole new way of looking at that picture.

Living with our selves everyday and interacting with people such as ourselves on a constant basis, and now with the ever growing abundance of new media and ways to communicate, our layers have become more obvious and easier to see around, under and in-between. Our layers are seen as more people are stepping out of the box and becoming individuals. However, it is the world that surrounds us, that we have not only made, but from which we have come from ourselves with which we have more of a problem recognizing the layers of. To abide by the boundaries of everyday life is natural, easy, safe. Yet, in the instant we start to deviate from that understood boundary is when a layer of ourselves emerges as well.

Transcendentalism deals with the power of nature and our surrounding world, and our own bodies, minds and spirits. These aspects; body, mind and spirit, take us away from the norm which we fall into daily and bring us outside of a place, and into a separate space.

Whether these boundaries are broken physically, mentally, visually or emotionally etc. I believe it is a necessity for one to not only experience but understand their experience to truly grasp the space with which they now fulfill. For our installation, we have made it possible for the minds and bodies of the viewers to begin to push the limits on their ever-secure and safe boundaries. In a society where the media has the power to control the minds, thoughts, actions, and over-all beliefs of a people, the boundary door to this nirvana-esque world is only but a hair open for us to peak out of. It is those who break open the door purposefully or not who can really appreciate the layers of life itself.

By bringing the outdoors inside where there are meticulously made pieces of art in a clean, quiet environment, people will begin to see a different side to those paintings and such hanging on the wall. The juxtaposition of the "nature" which is precariously placed so that it deviates from the way a museum operates, allows the viewers to not turn off the thought or visual or smell, taste, any sense of what goes on outside or inside as well, in a sense marrying the two together.

A child's innocent slightly less influenced view of beauty and art are the words that connect with the natural art. This in multiple forms, brings a sense of that layer of a human which technically stays with them forever, while some may hide it better than others, and allows it to begin to blossom through the door which was believed to have been more or less closed within themselves and their surrounding world.

To break these ever-increasing barriers on the mind, body, spirit, a society, an adult, a child, allows for a new space to be realized and a old place appreciated. To take the world we live in or the people we have around us for granted at any time not only binds one's layers but it makes it that much harder for one to realize the beauty beyond the beauty.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

"Following" or is it, "Creeping?"

Writing writing writing....waiting waiting a creeper...I feel so weird just waiting I feel mad a legit creeper...its bad. But yeah im waiting for michael to get out...I know his name...ha now im sitting waiting for someone I saw to leave. I wrote things they said. Im such a creeper. Going in the mall next. Then home for batteries. My digital camera is dead. So sad. Im rambling for a reason...I have to wait...for someone. Did michael leave?
Just parked at the mall. Its 11:59. There's a starbucks inside. I'm still nervous, but getting the hang of this...I guess.

Fail. I was just at this mall a week ago, and now the starbucks is closed for renovation. And I can't figure out why all these kids are here with parents...spring break for them??

Now home for batteries...just a pit stop. I feel like people are noticing the camera. Haha, "then he tells me how many calories im eating and im like you're fat!". Girl, employee most likely, standing outside on the phone.

Home now, my mom wasn't expecting me so she was a little about creeper ha. Time for batteries and bathroom break...I did drink some know, to blend in as best as I can.

So now its 1:25pm, im sitting in the Piscataway starbucks. As I sit and uh creep, I am also studying my media and culture book.

Chapter 14, page 488, "for newsworthiness, prominence and human interest play a role as well. Reader and viewer surveys indicate that most people identify more closely with an individual than an abstract issue. Therefore, the news media tend to report stories on powerful or influential people. Because these individuals often play a role in shaping the rules and values of a community, journalists have traditionally been responsible for keeping a watchful eye on them."

So here we have even the media, which really is the epitome of voyeurs, making it their job to watch people because WE as consumers want to know what's going on in OTHER peoples lives, because our own lives are simply not interesting enough ha... and how they are living them.

Right now there's not too much going on, im trying to listen to old man guy black glasses' convo.

Guy sat across from me. Perfect. He has an egg sandwich and a coffee. And an iphone. Business pants, shirt and tie. An accent too. Trying for a picture.

Noticing now, younger group..two girls one with a purple shirt and one in black and white...two guys similar age and what looks like a younger brother. Purple shirt is named Priya. Noticing that they are much louder and with much less inhibition than everyone else.

Its hard to focus in on one conversation at a time. Supposedly when you look at the speaker when they are farther away or in a crowded room you can hear them better but I don't want to get caught. Its quiet now at 2:09. The giant flow of thirsty people has succeeded.

Trying to get a shot of indian man at the station stirring coffee and on the cell phone at the same time. Seems more of a variety of people come to this one. Younger college age people and business people and more laid back people. Man stirring coffee smiles at me. 2:31. I smile back.

20 minutes left on my lil secret camera. Its quieted down so im debating whether to go upload my stuff now and head to the next one? I think I will. 2:36.

Americans are fattys. Best employee quote yet, "I don't think I've made this many whip creams in a row!". Haha
Most heard quote, "OH MY GOD!" - We have such a broad and eloquent language don't you think?

2:39 now. Going to upload my video and pictures to see what I have so far. Progress-good.

So now its 3:44. Im uploading the video I have on my "hidden camera". Im planning my next step which is to get to the last two starbucks and to class at 6:10 as well. As I do this I am realizing that while I am following people, you are as well following me. Its all a big circle. Really. The circle of life.

I also want to mention while im waiting that as I drove back to my apartment I had a desire to follow people in my car, see where they go. I can definitely see unemployeed people doing this when they are bored because its utterly fascinating and strangely addictive.

3:53. Done uploading. Guess I will hit up the george street starbucks until my class starts. Than head over to the drive thru one in 18 south after class.

Okay its 5:12. Im at starbucks in new brunswick. As usual it is quite busy full of college students as well as homeless people and business people.

I feel bad. The two women next to me experienced the same thoughts when we thought some scruffy guy was taking alcohol into the bathroom. It turned out to be the key for the bathroom was attached to the bottle. The black woman said, "that's what I get for being nosey!" as I record her and write down their conversation. Apprapo? Yeah...(sigh).

5:26. Im really still not used to this honestly. I mean, I hear people talk and gossip naturally and unintentionally when they are near me as does everyone else, but to do it on purpose I feel like im a big fake, a liar. I don't like that feeling, because I don't like "tricking" people. Im not sitting here minding my own business, im purposely sitting here trying to figure you out and accomplishing this task. Ethics...that's in my book too.

5:34. Another complaint. Seems as if starbucks is slacking. This isn't the first complaint. It seems though that the more "health conscious" people (she's tall and skinny) are more apt to complain about their drink. Maybe I should complain more and I'll look skinnier? Nope.
Old man with glasses and hat, walking in at 5:37 stood at the window a second and looked gloomily inside. He's in now standing at the door. Just standing. They are making the girl another drink, actor boy walked by and didn't see me. Old man is going to the bathroom. It seems this is the public bathroom area for the poor. Actor boy is gone.

I feel like an obvious creep. That's never good. I decided not to go to class today. I'll ask for the notes. This is too intense. Ha.

Its cold but I want to sit outside and observe. Its 5:53

Its freezing. Good footage though so its worth it. For now.
"Oo starbucks, oh wait we're gonna pass the dunkin donutd". Haha. "Anyways I gotta go, you gotta go, I don't even wanna try calling your cell phone". Haha, people are awesome. Homeless people sitting out here. I don't know how they do it. Its 5:58 and I feel like I am about to get hypothermia. Not cool. It seems as if they travel together. Homeless went in and talked to homeless man 1 and left with homeless man 2. Now im too cold. Time to move on.

Damn. Traffic. 6:08.

6:31. I'm at the drive-thru starbucks. I'm going to go in.

This one is tough. People are close and its not noisy busy like the new brunswick one. New man in the corner on his hp laptop. I see 9 laptops to be exact. 7 people with large rimmed glasses. By now, the last place I have to commend starbucks. There is definitely a general "customer" and atmosphere. Perfect place for business meetings, to doing business work, school work or hanging out with a loved one. All you need is a shoulder slung bag, big rimmed glasses and a clean look and you're set. Haha well, I am exaggerating, starbucks does allow scruffy homeless people to come in and pee...

This is my second coffee today. As if my nerves weren't already on edge from the idea of being a creeper. I do admit I feel more comfortable creeping on people if that makes sense. It is definitely hard tho because I would definitely be angry and I guess slightly offended if someone was creeping on me. Too bad its not nice out, because I feel we'd get an even bigger variety of people. I think people are suspicious here, or it could just be my guilt, which has been messing with my head all day. I am going to leave here soon. I can only take so much "following" or as I like to call it "creeping" in one day. From 10 in the morning to now, 7 in the evening I've explored the world and people, culture and general feel of the starbucks experience.

This guy to my left keeps crumpling paper. Id love to know his failed ideas. And his ideas in general. I can't even steal the paper when he leaves because its one of those small hole coffee cup trash cans.

Asian man with the hp computer from the corner went to talk to two different baristas. Why is no one ever satisfied? Perfection is overrated.

I gave the guy my extra chair, he seems nice. Even in the busy new brunswick starbucks between the music, warm lighting, sound of coffee and welcoming chairs and benches, starbucks gives an overall feeling of comfort and calm. Its nice to watch the busy cars fly by through the big glass windows while we are safe inside. It becomes a sort of break from reality for people.

Its very stagnant in this one...maybe because since its later people have more time to sit and do work rather than run in grab some coffee and go...although this is a drive-thru starbucks as well ha. This one seems a meeting place more than others...again maybe because its later. Everyone just seems more calm. Its very nice. 7:08.

8:00. Time to edit.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Why in Progress?

So you may be wondering why my map post is titled, "In Progress". Well if you really think about it, our lives are continually in progress and this is because we are constantly changing and constantly moving. I would love to be able to add all the pictures and all the videos that I have, or my mom has of all the memories that were made.

And yet, it would be a never-ending flow of information and images, and memories. I have so many important memories, and have met so many important people who have impacted my life, that I would not want to leave anyone out, or make anyone more important than the last.

I may put pictures up; upload them on Flickr for the world to see, or I may not. I still have so much ahead of me. There is so much I want to do, want to see.

Oh and, for your entertainment, check out the "cornify" button on the top of my blog. Really, you'll enjoy it. If you're feeling bored/sad/mad/or any negative feeling, this is guaranteed to brighten your day. Thanks to my video teacher, Matt.

In Progress...

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Wednesday, March 4, 2009



1. How do we really know what the earliest "humans" or "homo sapiens" did when it came to their feeding habits? Did they migrate back to their camp? Did they have that nomad like quality? 
2. Think of how easy we have it today with maps, and easy landmarks to get us home. Every street with a name; now with GPS and satellites...does this in a sense, this abundance of "given" knowlege make us less primal? Primal in a sense that we as a human race seem to be given so much that if we were stranded, we would not be able to survive...true?
3. Maps in a sense are lies. The world, in every sense continues to change. So thus a map is only temporary? 
4. What about people or animals with a "sense of direction"? Does this "sense" actually exist? Can a person who is lost find their way through and internal connection or feeling with the world?
5. Is there anything you can not map? Such as infinity? 

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Computer Heterotopia

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Within a computer you can find a heterotopia...many actually since there is the internet. It is not a Utopia, because even when things may seem real or perfect, they rarely are.

More Mail

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Mail is truly intriguing...once's in its purgatory state.